Basic Process Of Building A House

If you have ever thought about building a home, you might not realize how many steps are involved in creating the house of your dreams. Even if you were to use a contractor, there are essential steps that need to be taken in order to go from start to finish. Depending upon the size of your home, how many stories it will have, and general blueprint for the structure itself, there are basic steps that need to be completed so that your house can finally be finished. Here’s a quick overview of the process of building a house, and what you will need to do to get it done.

How To Start Building A House

The first thing that you will need are the plans or blueprint for the house itself. If you have the skills necessary to do this type of architectural drawing which will be accepted by the building department in your county, you can do this on your own. Otherwise, you will need to hire a professional to complete the plans per local specifications and requirements. A surveyor will also need to stake the lot, making sure to stay within your property lines to keep everything legal. The last thing you want to do is build your home across a property line, something that could lead to litigation and starting all over again.

You will also need to do a bit of digging in order to prepare for pouring the foundation. Staying away from your property lines is always recommended, as well as hiring a professional excavator with a backhoe for your electrical and plumbing lines. Once all of this has been dug out , with your electrical and plumbing lines in place, you will then be able to pour your foundation. If you are having a licensed contractor do this, you won’t have to consider all of the small details. At the very least, if you do decide to pour this on your own, make sure that you add rebar to the mix to make sure that it sets properly and that you will be able to begin adding the walls.

Once the concrete has solidified and cured, you will be able to begin to create or form the walls of the structure. If you have a basement, you will want to pour this prior to constructing your walls. If you’re using a kit to build your home, you can have people help you set up the walls by lifting them into place and securing them. There are a variety of other components to building your home including adding steel beams down the center if you want to cut the floor joist in half when doing the construction.

Next, the first floor walls need to be added, which may have several door and window openings. Once everything is into place, including the roof trusses and the hardwood roof itself, you can then hire a roofer or put the roof on yourself. The final part of the process includes sheet rock, drywall, flooring, adding doors and windows, cabinets, appliances and an assortment of other project specifics that will contribute to finalizing your home.

Although this is a very brief overview of what you need to do in order to construct your home, the process of building a house is very similar regardless of its size, shape or dimensions. Using this basic format, the process of building a house shouldn’t seem that overwhelming, and at the very least, will provide you with a general overview in your mind of what needs to be done to complete the home that you have always wanted to build.